Stack Cecilia Forest 2

* conducted during June and July pending successful permit application


  • The number of stacks created will depend on the size of the area being cut and situational factors e.g. risk, prevailing weather conditions, type of vegetation, firefighting resources etc.
  • Stacks should not be positioned closer than 50 metres to the urban edge.
  • The basal diameter of stacks should not be more than 2,5 metres.
  • The distance between the stacks should be at least 5 times the basal diameter.
  • Only one stack at a time should be burnt.
  • Tracer belts down to mineral soil of a minimum of one-metre width must be placed around each stack. This belt can be raked and the combustibles placed on the stack.
  • Only branches of less than 70mm should be burnt. Large diameter branches at breast height should not be burnt but left in situ.